Who are we ?




My name is Laura, passionate by traveling and discovering new places.
I’ve created Laura the Explorer to show alternatives methods of travel or what I call tourism of tomorrow. Recently graduated with an MBA in Communication and Digital Strategy, this blog is the opportunity to conduct a personal project from start to finish. After 3 months traveling in South East Asia, I am full of discoveries and memories I want to share with you.


HER : The curious Parisienne



Name : Laura
Age:  26
Qualifications : MBA in Communication and Digital strategy
Languages : English and Spanish, plus some Italian bases, and a few words of Russian, Thai, Japanese…
Favorite book : Malaussène family by Daniel Pennac
She can’t separate from : sunglasses, notebook, tweezers
She likes : old cartoons, good wines, Haribo sweets, medieval castles
She hates : spiders (but just the large ones), people who don’t hold the door and above all else avocado!
What relaxes her : a ray of sunshine, birds singing, cooking odors, drawing
She gonna miss : her cat Julia, the bathtub and her bed
Places visited : England, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria, Greece, USA, Guadeloupe, Morocco, Tunisia, Mauritius, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos
Fun fact : loves everything which is flashy green and falls asleep in 5 min

To learn more about me, you can see my CV online right here



HIM : The Irish Mac Gyver


Name : Lija (pronounced Laïdja)
Age : 26
Qualifications : Tree carer, carpenter, mechanic, electrician, plumber, wood sculptor…
Languages : English… and few words of french and spanish
He never separates from : sunglasses, safety pin and his Leatherman (American Swiss Army Knife)
He likes : great outdoors, sculpture, comics, sci-fi, good food (especially red meat) and everything with an engine
He hates : being hungry, cold water, pop music and square pillows
What relaxes him : drinking a cold beer and having a hot bath
He gonna miss : his chainsaw, caravan and 4×4
Places visited : Portugal, France, Spain, Marocco, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia
Fun fact : He was born in a wagon




Him by me and me by him


Laura : « Lija is the ideal partner for six months of adventure. Even if such a trip is his first time, I don’t doubt for a second his potential. He’s a mix between Bear Grylls (Man VS Wild) and Mac Gyver. Living alone in a caravan (but beside his family) since the age of 12, he almost always finds a solution to every problem. Our characters are pretty similar but we draw our strength from our very… very different life. We share a common passion for nature, so it seemed obvious to focus a part of the project on eco-tourism »




Lija : « Laura is an amazing girl. When I met her for the first time, I didn’t think a parisian girl could love the countryside so much ! We met each other when she was wwoofing at my brother’s and from this moment we haven’t stopped seeing each other! She is a young woman full of beans and who loves discovering and sharing. Optimistic and determined, she is very sociable and curious about everything. This trip is her baby, but she asked me to be a part of this adventure. There is no doubt that she will go after her dreams, but above all at the end of this trip ! »