Why going to Asia ?

I think it’s important to give you the reason that pushed me to undertake this 3 months trip in Asia…


promesseA promise

Thanks to my brother who lived for five years in Thailand, I’ve been there three times. I was seduced by the country, its people and culture. I filled my heart and head with good memories. I promised to myself that one day I would return, and that I would stay more than two weeks. So already the idea had germinated inside of me, to record a project of journeying several months through Asia and to really take the time to enjoy this incredible region of the world.



cheminA path

Again it was because my dear brother who travelled a lot in Asia, to Laos, Burma, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Nepal, India… He immortalized hundreds of smiles and landscapes with his good old camera. When I discovered his pictures, I was struck by the joy, surprise, shyness and the authenticity of the eyes of men, women and children I’ve never met but who seemed familiar to me.




A challenge


With this trip I want to show that it is possible to explore new horizons through alternative tourism and with a small budget. The idea is to spend almost half of the trip doing wwoofing or helpx. Beyond the financial aspect, the main aim is to meet locals and help them with various projects. We are interested in working in guesthouses, schools or associations dedicated to environment protection. Having experienced wwoofing only for a few weeks in Ireland, it will definitely be a big personal challenge !






EXPLORATIONAn exploration

I chose the name Lauralexploratrice because when we are not working, we will travel the roads to explore temples, monasteries, national parks, waterfalls, mountains… looking for unusual places and hang out with other tourists And, we won’t hesitate to sleep in a homestay if the opportunity allows us.




passeportA passport to the future


Graduated with a MBA in Communication and Digital strategy, this blog is of special significance to me. This is an opportunity to show what I am capable of. This trip is my first post-study project, after having completed a professional thesis dedicated to alternative tourism and big data.